Robin professional



We discovered an opportunity for Robin within corporate entertainment. Taking the learnings from our consumer product, we built a new B2B product that helps businesses optimize their entertainment spend.

Robin professional is a digital concierge service, fulfilling requests for events including Sports, Concerts, Private Dining, interactive events, and more.

Shifting from a consumer to business market involved redefining our target audience and learning about their needs in order to define our product roadmap.




As a small team, we worked together on the strategy and product roadmap of Robin Professional. Based on the insights we collected from current and prospective users, I worked closely with the CTO to plan the product architecture and map out the user and administrator journeys.

My role also included designing the core experience and landing page, wireframing new features, prototyping a ‘near future version’ as a sales tool, and creating a style guide for UX & UI consistency. 

Despite launching an early-stage product with many features still planned for development, Robin Professional has seen steady user growth, high conversion rates, and increasing repeat business.