robin for consumers



Robin was a web-based product that helped music fans discover and access concerts in their city. Our goal was to make it easier for people to navigate the complicated ticketing process by building a ‘one-stop-shop’ where users were notified when their favourite artists came to town, and got tickets directly through Robin, before they went on sale anywhere else.

Our team built Robin from scratch starting with a manual MVP. Within a few months of launch, Robin was accepted to the Techstars Music accelerator. In those 3 months we made immense progress, eventually  leading to a fully-automated, self-run service. The product had a dedicated user base, growing transaction volume, and ultimately paved the way for a business service: ‘Robin Professional’.

The long-term vision for Robin was to be the source for all your live events. With social integration, event history, and user input, Robin would help users discover more events though curated event recommendations.

my role


Initially brought on to develop the branding, I quickly grew into a larger role as the sole designer on the team. In addition to visual design, marketing and copywriting my main priority was to be the team’s UX advocate. Focusing on UX at Robin empowered me to approach all work from a user-centered perspective.

As a team, we defined the core experience (the main ‘loop’) and prioritized additional features and improvements. I took the lead on designing user flows, prototyping and user-testing features before they went to development. During our time at Techstars, I doubled-down on user research, building a framework for user feedback, and speaking with current and potential customers in order to develop 3 key personas. This role was immensely valuable for my growth as a product designer, through a combination of self-teaching and talented leadership.